Follishine Herbal Hair Serum 100 ML

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Follishine Herbal Hair Serum 100 ML
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FolliShine Herbal Hair Serum 100 ML

Follishine hebal Hair Serum promotes hair growth and Prevents hair fall. Follishine Herbal Hair Serum primes the hair growth by stimulating cell activity in the hair bulb and by reactivating micro-circulation.
Rosemary Oil & Brahmi extract prevents dandruff. Amla retards aging process and prevents hair loss. Bhringraj extract, Heena extract & Jatamansi prevents brittle hair and split ends.

Prevents Baldness, Stimulates Hair growth.

Hair will become stronger and nourished as this serum penetrates deep down into the hair core & scalp making the hair thicker and healthier without the problem of losing anymore hair.
Directions of Use:
Take appropriate volume of Oil and massage on Hair & Scalp. Make a gentle massage with fingers which helps to reach the roots of hair.


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