Biostone Syrup DS 200 ML

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Biostone Syrup DS 200 ML
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Bio Stone Herbal Syrup - 200 ML

Are you still living with the pain and discomfort of kidney stones? Now no more. Bio-Stone is the one stop solution for kidney stone removal. Bio-stone is a diuretic syrup that flushes out small stones from the kidneys. And with regular usage it would inhibit the formation of kidney stones. The syrup contains the goodness of many beneficial ingredients like Manjistha, Varun Chal, Daal Kulthi etc. which are known for their stone removal properties. 
  • BioStone maintains normal urine composition & over all healthy urinary tract.
  • BioStone helps to flush the urinary tract safely and gently.
  • BioStone promotes normal kidney health.
  • Biostone soothes the urinary tract using systemic flushing.

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