Ayush M+ Herbal Capsules

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Organic Moringa 60 Capsules
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Ayush M+ Herbal Capsules


★ Ayush M+ Herbal Capsules contains Organic Moringa Leaf powder is one of the most nutrient-dense plants on the planet, it contains every essential amino acid making it a complete plant protein. Great if you are on a meat free diet or you are looking for a better source of Bio-available Vitamins and Minerals like Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Vitamin E, and Trace Minerals

★ Provides Highly Essential Nutrients. Increases Natural Defences of body. Improves Cell Structure and Immunity. Promotes Healthy Circulatory system. Promotes Digestion and Bowl Movement. Beautifies Skin.

★ Makes you Stronger and Active. Increases Endurance and Stamina. Called as Raw Green Super Food, Energy Boost, Multivitamin, Antioxidants, Healthy Nutrition and Metabolism. Healthy Bones and Joints, Nourishment to Eyes, Brain and Skin.


Ayush M+ Herbal Capsules had…

17 times more calcium than that of milk

25 times more iron than that of Spinach

A rich source of Vitamin C

An excellent source of Amino acids (Amino acids form proteins)

Boosts overall energy level

Increases stamina & vitality

Naturally restores essential vitamin & mineral imbalances


Directions to use : Take 1-2 capsules before breakfast & have 1-2 capsules befre night meal. Better take with warm water (or) as advise by Physician. For optimum results, please use 3-6 months regularly.



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