Ayush Iodized Salt 1 KG

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Ayush Iodized Salt 1 KG
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Amity Ayush Iodized Salt 1 Kg
Amity Ayush Iodized Salt is acquired by evaporating brine or salt water in low basins by wind and sunlight. It is the spirit of all life, enabling excellent fitness and health. It is good that goes into all set of Amity Ayush Iodized salt.
Ingredients: Edible common salt, anti-caking agent (INS 551), potassium Iodate, crystal modifier (INS 536). This salt is rich in iodine and iron – two of the most important micro-nutrients that are credited with the prevention of physiological malfunctioning and also, a known combination that aids proper mental and physical development.
How to Use : Amity Ayush Iodized Salt is a table salt that can be added to any dish. A pinch for a bowlful of vegetables or dal makes the dish instantly more palatable and flavorful. Also, it can be drizzled on to salads.

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