Alkazone Spring Water Jug

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Alkazone Spring Water Jug
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Alkazone Spring Water Jug


In present era, there has been a drastic change in eating habits and life styles of people. Now a day, the consumption of acidic food such as cold drinks, fast food, tea and coffee has increased to a great extent. Bio+ Jug makes your RO, UV Purified and drinking water into healthy, energetic and good alkaline water. Increase Necessary Minerals which are removed by RO. Gives Anti-Oxidation effect by decreasing the efficiency of Free Radicals (Oxidation). It leads to Anti-Aging effect on human skin.


  • Three types of Bio Ceramic.
  • Silver Impregnated Activated Carbon (Coconut Shell).
  • Packed in colour corrugated Box Includes 1Pc of Cartridge and 1Pc of pH Testing Kit.


  • Size:4”
  • Life: 3000-3500 litres

Stages of Purification (Cartridge)

  • Adds essential minerals like calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, and Potassium.
  • Increase pH which Make Alkaline water.
  • Decrease ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) which removes free radicals.
  • Decrease NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) which means decrease the molecular cluster size resulting in more absorption of water within our body.
  • Improves the taste of water. Prevent the growth of Bacteria.



  • Non Electric Alkaline Product use for instant consumption of AntiOxidant Alkaline water.
  • Easy to carry at Anywhere and Anytime.
  • Looks Professional in office, Attractive on Dinning tables &  unique product with Low  Maintenance.

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